Run, Forrest, Run: The Week


The Flint Phoenix is off to the races downtown this weekend, where the people watching is sure to be better than last weekend… Crim participants, remember “runner’s trots” is a real thing, so PLEASE, no curry/tacos/binge drinking within 48 hours before the race…

WEDNESDAY 8/24: Assemble your team of brainiacs and pop culture buffs for Trivia Night at Soggy Bottom Bar.

THURSDAY: Celebrate national hero and Flint native Claressa Shields, Back-to-Back Olympic Gold Medal Boxer at a ceremony in her honor at Dort Federal Event Center, 7pm.

FRIDAY: The Machine Shop has a helluva lineup, headlined by manic punk dream girls the CrashDollz: Cybil & The Beast, Little Miss Dangerous LMD & DRaT. Go, girls!

SATURDAY: Check out some Blues on the Lawn at The Flint Public Library, featuring Maurice Davis. 6 pm.

Also, if hundreds of sweaty people running on the street isn’t your thing, a little bird told me that
Legends in Fenton is having a two-day Beer Pong Patio Party. That is, if dozens of sweaty people eating grilled hot dogs and drinking beer is your thing…

I just gotta say this again, we were sorely disappointed by the people watching on the Bricks last Saturday… there had better be some people wearing clothes that actually fit them in the crowds for the Crim this weekend. -ZJ

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