Endless Summer: The Week for 8/15

The Flint Phoenix launches on the hottest week of your life with some sizzling local happenings and a lemon-cum-lemonade series on our “next President” (see The Annotated Donald Trump for more details). Here’s what’s happening this week:

TUESDAY, 8/16: Roll on over to US-23 Drive In for a FREE showing of Bullitt starring Steve McQueen

FRIDAY: Look out for The Phoenix staffers, tape-measures in hand, as we take the Backseat Challenge at Back to the Bricks Downtown, where we settle the burning question, once and for all: which classic car can get you the most action?

SATURDAY: If you can make your way around all of the car-huggers crowding the downtown bars after the festivities on Saturday, embark on your safari of exotic beers into a forest of rare tap handles at Churchill’s.

We’re betting it’s prime people watching this weekend… dress to impress. -ZJ

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