Live Music in Flint, Michigan June 15–June 18, 2017

DIRECT HIT! and 56 OTHER PUNK BANDS LIVE at Vehicle City Fest 2 this Fri, Sat, Sun

Direct Hit! Video Still


Hitch ‘N’ Post: Whiskey Brothers Open Jam, 8:30pm
Tenacity Brewing We Are the Hunted, The 10x, 8pm
Calvelli’s: DB’s Live, 8pm

FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 2017

Corunna Road Bar: TBA
MD’s Sports Tavern: Russel Wayne
Sherman’s Lounge: DJ Jeff Z
Hitch ’N’ Post: Double Jack, 9pm
Fenton Beale St. Smokehouse: Lolly and the Pops, 7pm
Tenacity Brewing: The Whoopi Goldblum Xperience, Complainer, Freya Wilcox & The Howl, Cold Wrecks, Undesirable People, The Loose Ties, 6:30pm–11pm
Churchill’s: Slow Tide, Lunar, Birdhouse, The Jerkuloids, Mad Anthony and the Dead Serious, Flint Town Fabrication, The TomToms, 6:15pm–11:15pm
Local 432: The Shortlife, The Bloody Lips, Sparrows, Mercy Beach, Solitary Subversion, Braided Veins, 6:30pm–11pm
The Loft: Damnsel, Airstream Futures, Smash the Jukebox, Young Hunger, Day Jobs, Almost People, Deer Widow, Due North, 6:30pm–12:30


Corunna Road Bar: Brooks- Thundergus, Shadow of Doubt
MD’s Sports Tavern: Jaime Marvin
Sherman’s: 6 Shot Whiskey
Hitch ’N’ Post: Double Jack, 9pm
Calvelli’s: Untamed Beauty, 8pm
Corner Bar: King Moonracer, 8pm
Fenton Beale St. Smokehouse: Mike Espy, 7pm
Tenacity Brewing: New Architects, Invaluable, Handwringer, Not Half Bad, Horrible Things, Bike Tuff, City Mouse, 6:15pm–11:15pm
Churchill’s: Nathan Mason Richards, Miski Dee, Sincere Engineer, Goldblum, Katie Stanley, Yo Bro, Frank and Earnest, F*ck you, Idiot!, The Radiotypes, Dead Broke, New Junk City, Sweetooth Atlantic, The Fever Haze, 12 noon–11:45pm
Local 432: CUT UP, Nightmarathons, The Bigger Empty, The Apology Tour, Sprowt, Direct Hit!, 6:30pm–10:45pm
The Loft: Genius Christ, Call in the Cavalry, Lume, Small Stresses, Small Parks, Rat Ship, One Hundred Year Ocean, 6:30pm–11:30pm

SUNDAY, JUNE 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day!
Wildroot at Woodside: Jenna Noelle, 7pm
Tenacity Brewing: Jason Nagy, John Vournakis, Rich Chris, Chuck Coles / United Snakes,
Welman, Revolutions Per Minute, Forest Green, The Hunky Newcomers, Daisys, The Plurals 12 noon–11pm
Local 432: Doors Open, Dalinian, Holy Smokes, The Valveenus, Hidden Hospitals, The Penske File, Typesetter, 6:30pm–10:45pm
The Loft: Lights Over Bridgeport, Killsound, Snacks?, Lawnmower, Cheapshow, Bong Mountain, 7pm–11:15pm

For Vehicle City Fest 2 complete and up-to-date listings, check


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