Live Music Flint, Michigan June 1–June 4, 2017

War Baloons Drummer

War Baloons at Local 432 this Friday!


Calvelli’s: Dave Lagness, 6pm

FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2017

Corunna Road Bar: Big Thunder
Churchill’s: Big Donut, Mad Anthony, Dead Serious
MD’s Sports Tavern: Mark & Phil
Hitch ’N’ Post: Jason Charles Band, 9pm
Local 432: Atlas March, Young Pioneer, Northern Poetic, War Baloons, Michigan Left, 7:30pm, $5, all ages
Calvelli’s: Open Mic, 8pm
Totem Books: DJ Tommy Chu 5pm
ShrineFest, Clio: Donny Hartman, Harper, Matt Besey, Bubba Wilson, Ray Kaan, Sweet Willie Tea, Greg & Rachel Nagy, Carl Henry & Tony Barci, Leonardo, Tito Villareal, Mike Skory, Robert Johnson, Lectric Lenny, Maggie McCabe, Mike Espy, 6–10 pm, $15


Corunna Road Bar: Fearing Y2K, Dylan
Churchill’s: The WayBack Machine
MD’s Sports Tavern: Dave Lagness
Sherman’s: Still Rain
Soggy Bottom: Boudoir Noir, Champions of Breakfast, Komrads, Lunar, 9 pm
Hitch ’N’ Post: Jason Charles Band, 9pm
Tenacity Brewing: Soirée, 8:30pm
Local 432: A.Paps & EwiLLz, Jake Wolf & KK, Block D, WAOR, Vice, 7:30pm, $5, all ages
Calvelli’s: Bourbon Project, 8pm
ShrineFest, Clio: Larry McCray, The Millionaires, Erich Goebel, Chris Canas, Detroit Blues Royalty, Asamu Johnson, Martila Saunders, Denise Davis, 12 noon–10 pm, $30

SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 2017

Hitch ’N’ Post: Whisky Brothers, 4pm
ShrineFest, Clio: Memphis International Blues Challenge: Top Cat, Michael May, Greyhounds, Johnny Rhoades, Blue Hawaiians, Bubba Wilson, Blue Justice, Chris Canas, Tito Villarreal, Billy Davis, 12 Noon–5 pm, $15


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